A downloadable game for Windows

Welcome to the world of Paintvale! Where art tools are alive, and filled with worlds crafted by them! Play as Paintlad, a living brush/bucket character and slide down slopes, traverse grassy hills and rubbery caves, utilize his paint wings and glide past hazards and bounce off of enemies! 


Arrow keys - Move. Down to pound and up to interact.

Z - Jump

X - attack

Enter - Pause.


In this demo, you can experience:

Two full levels!

A boss fight...

Time trials and achievements.

And other surprises...


If you enjoyed this demo, please follow the official twitter! 

PinPanPaint (@PaintValeDev) / Twitter

We also have a Patreon! https://www.patreon.com/paintvale

We also have a discord where you can send suggestions, bug reports, and critcism/feedback! 




"I didnt complete the levels/The levels didnt save completion but i can still go over and access the level cutscenes!"

Try resetting your save, or using a different browser. This most notably happen on the Brave browser from what i've seen.

"How do I reset my controls?

Press Shift + F3 during a menu. If successful, It should play a silly sound.

"Will the levels be shorter in the final game?"

Yes, I will not make levels this big or long in the final game, and if I do I want to implement a system where you get a big checkpoint halfway, where you can exit and keep that progress and play later, while the previous path is blocked off so you cant go and collect things over again.

"Where did the browser version go?"

I am never doing browser based games again. I am tired of my hard work being stolen and placed onto shitty flash game sites. To the sites who LINK the game rather than up and yoink it, thank you. 

Install instructions

Download the Zip file.

Unzip the game whereever you please.

Open "Paintvale.Exe"

Enjoy the game!



Paintvale Alpha 0.46 (Windows 32 Bit).zip 99 MB
Paintvale Alpha 0.46 (Windows 64 Bit).zip 104 MB

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where is the impossible jump

ayo, can I get the link to the debug mode guide?

PAINTVALE: DEBUG GUIDE (spoilers) - Google Docs

who else but me thought this game was like pizza tower?

I what the full game to have even longer levels

I saw you snuck some pride flags, Juniper


I have all of the advances... BUT THE INPOSPLE JUMP

(1 edit)

Honestly i would change level 2 music cuz it kinda got a bit of annoying but the OST is really good. you should also make a pateron because this game will take a long time to make im just saying.

EEEE -im playing the second level-


i like to know also is there actully lore

As for the hands, honestly these demo levels werent gonna be in the final game but i was inspired by the mixed media as well as stuff like spongebob with the realistic hand, so I thought why not have a memorable thing in the level and build funny puzzle around it.

yea sorry about the repetition, wasnt able to get another track for that so the best thing I can do is to reuse the track. there will be unique track for each level in the final game!!

Please make longger levels

Awesome Game lad

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This demo is pretty awesome. I had a blast playing. Great job!

the world building is quite good, the background music is also fresh, the characters are also cute and funny. My suggestion is to jump, it's better to use the space button because the players are more familiar with the space button to jump.

Gamenya seru dan menarik, namun control nya cukup sulit untuk pemain yang belum terbiasa menggerakan karakternya menggunakan arrow. Saya berharap develop dapat mengembangkan game nya dan menambahkan option control "W A S D" agar lebih mudah.

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this game is very well developed super smooth animations awesome gameplay and (it looks bit like rayman) and different death animations and sounds. great job on the game


This feels like a combination of Pizza Tower and Rayman, with an extra gallon of color added in. Love it!


Thanks, but just remember this is it's own seperate thing from pizza tower, aside from the method of drawing animation in pixel form, this is not really a PT experience : ) thank u! rayman was a inspiration for sure 


Really sick demo! Loved literally every part of it besides the part where paintlad stared directly at the screen and made all my organs rupture


Made a better video


Pizza Tower but with paint


It is infact not, this is its own game :)



I CAN ALLWAYS FIND YOU NOOB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1



Wow. This gives me SM64 vibes, and I love it. The movement is so smooth and all of the animations add so much. I can tell that this will become something great.


Made a video

im the gooooood

oh my goodness, this is so cute :D

is the ultimate game

The zippers make it impossible to progress further through the leve


Fixed :)

The game doesn't save progress after clearing the first level, so if there's supposed to be another one after the gap with the doors it itsn't appearing. It did record the coins for purchasing palettes though. 

Deleted 334 days ago

hey! srry to get back so late lol, but its been long fixed and theres an EXE version among other things : )

Thank you. I had good fun playing the browser version to the end back when it released.


y e s



im glad you got this far with the game! looking foward to the final release


Shitting and crying tears of joy rn

Too sad its 23:06 so i cant play rn